When to Wear Black Lipstick
Find out in what cases and for what purposes you can wear black lipstick and what looks can be achieved with its help.
When to Wear Black Lipstick

People who lived in Ancient Mesopotamia were the first who used lipstick. The lipstick was made from the semi-prescious stones which were crashed and then applied to the lips and eyes in order to add color to them. Cleopatra applied crushed carine beetles that helped achieve a deep red hue. For the base ants were used. A substance taken from fish scales was applied to add ashimmering pearly look.

Queen Elizabeth I popularized lipstick and the look which involved white face and blood red lips. During this period lipstick contained such ingredients as beeswax and plant stains. During the Woirld War II lipstick gained popularity especially when the movie industry took off. Also many women began wear lipstick every day.

Ingredients of Lipstick
There are many different colors and kinds of lipstick vailable. Lipsticks come in nude, red, pink and even black shades. Most lipsticks contain such ingreients as some kind of wax, oil, alcohol and pigment. There are three types of waxes which are generally added to lipsticks: beeswax, candelilla wax or camauba. The most expensive among them is camauba. The main purpose of wax is to form a shape of the lipstick.

Also lipstick contains the oil like mineral, caster, lanolin or vegetable which are added to the wax for malleability and the alcohol, fragrance and pigment which give the color and texture to the lipstick. Such ingredients as preservatives and antioxidants are necessary for preventing the lipstick from turning rancid. Many additional ingredients can be included in order to add specific features and qualities to the lipstick, for example smoother lipstick or pearlized lipstick.

black_lipstickBlack Lipstick
Blakc lipstick is great for people who are into the Gothic look. The main characteristic features of Gothic style are black or dark clothes, usually dark red, purple or black, and a specific make up which makes you look gaunt. Goths often wear dark or black lipstick.

Blakc lipsticks have different undetones: blue, green and true black.  You can also apply black lipstick to complement your Halloween costume. It is a great trick to achieve a scary look for this special holiday.  Blakc lipstick can be also applied on your teeth to create a toothless look.

Generally speaking this kind of lip color is used very rarely ad mostly in case if a person wants to look scary.