Lip Make up
The appropriate lip color can brighten and enhance your appearance. Lip make up adds the final tough to facial make up. With proper care, color and tips, your lips will say precisely what you want. Here are a few tricks for creating perfect lips.

Lip Make up
Lipstick is one of the best ways to transform and enhance your appearance. It is not necessary to match your lip color with your nail polish or wardrobe, just consider what  you are wearing. It is very important that your lip color harmonizes with the rest of your make up look and suits your skin tone.

lip_makeupFor example,  women with fair complexion should give the preference to colours with warm undertones to brighten the skin, such as light brown, raisin or brown reds, like blackberry and wine. Women with pale complexion can wear almost any colour, using dramatic shades to make a strong beauty statement. Dark complexions look best with deep reds with dark blue or purple undertones or deep browns with purple, blue or wine undertones. Most lipsticks come in tubes and you can  apply it directly to the lips. However it will look much better on your lips if you use a lipstick brush (it gives you more control). To outline your lips use a lip liner pencil before the lipstick is applied.

Glossy finishes provide sheer coverage but you will have to reapply them more often. need Matt finishes provide great coverage but have a tendency to be drying on the lips and can look very flat; to solve this problem look for demi-matt finishes, which can give you a more flattering finish. Creamy finishes create opaque coverage with a hint of shine and often include conditioners, which are very useful for your lips and prevent their dryness. Sheer lipsticks give the lips a subtle wash of colour, similar to lip gloss, but are longer-lasting.

Learn how to apply lipstick and lip liner properly and you will be proud of your sensuous soft lips that make you appear younger beautiful at all ages.

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