Making Lip Balm in Home Conditions
Here you will explore what ingredients are the best for creating a lip balm in home conditions which will make your lips soft and luscious.
Making Lip Balm in Home Conditions

When the weather is dry, it usually leads not only to dry skin, but the lips also become dryer and chapped. And almost every woman is aware that lipstick does enhance the beauty of a female, however, not in case if it is applied on dry lips. And what can be done then? The best way to make lips soft and luscious is to apply some moisturizing lip balm. And the homemade balm would be thousand of times better. Someone may wonder, how it would be possible to make the lip balm in home conditions, though it is even more than possible. Here comes the perfect recipe for the homemade lip balm. People, who try it, will find their lips as soft and supple as they have never been before.

making_lip_balmItems needed:
Coconut Oil;
Essential Oil;
Microwave – safe Container;
Vitamin E Capsules

Put 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of shredded beeswax and ½ teaspoon of lanolin into a microwave – safe container and mix these ingredients;

Break the vitamin E capsule and pour the liquid into the container;

Keep the container inside the microwave up until all the ingredients are melted;

Add about 2 drops of some essential oil. It is possible to use peppermint oil, orange oil or lemon oil;

Add 1 teaspoon of honey;

Keep stirring the entire mixture with the help of stirrers up until it becomes cool;

Pour the mixture into a container and let it become set.

It is also possible to add some candy flavorings, which can be bought in any candy store into the lip balm, which will make it more pleasant to use. And instead of the coconut oil petroleum jelly can be used.