Tips for Fair Skin and Light Hair Women
Browse through these information and you will know which colors better for your make up if you have fair skin and light hair.
Tips for Fair Skin and Light Hair Women
Here are the top ten colors for people with blonde, red or light brown hair, soft beige with peach undertones skin and those, whose eyes are some shade of blue to a gray or to even a pale shade of green.

blonde_011. Warm Pinks. These colors will provide the warming up effect on your skin tone without having to add too much color.

2. Taupes. This color would look simply perfect on your eyes. Moreover, this color is just enough to give definition, as well as just right for the daytime makeup application. It would be the best for women, who wish to make their eyes emphasized, but not call attention to the fact that they are wearing.

3. Violet. For the eye liner. This shade would seem perfectly on your eyes, the only “but” is that you are to make sure that it is smudged carefully into the lash line.

4. Ivory or Pale Peach. Either of these colors would work perfect as a highlighter.

5. Different Shades of Brown. The application all possible shades of brown will work their best in the crease area of your eyes.

6. More on Browns. Eye shadows of brown tones will also work well with your skin tone and hair color. Therefore, you will look even more perfect if you try to mix other colors into your browns for an interesting way to get more mileage from your shadows.

7. Golden Apricot. It is another lid shade, which would provide a subtle effect.

8. Grass Green. This is the color, which works extremely effectively during the springtime.

9. Bronze. For the blush. A soft bronze shade will provide a hind of color to your cheeks. It is also possible to have touches of peach or pink shades mixed in.

10. Most Shades of Blue. You are lucky. You can apply so many different shades of this color without being afraid to look somewhat odd. You can easily apply this color anywhere around your eyes area: beginning from eye liners and up to shadows.