The History of Make up for Men
Discover in what cases should men use make up and browse through useful make up tips for the beginners.
The History of Make up for Men

The men makeup history goes a very long way back, still, there are lots of people, who consider this issue as something unusual, not normal, and even amoral. However, think over men, who are actors, singers, models, etc – all of them do wear makeup; so, why can not a common man apply makeup just for the same reason they do? As, there is no doubt, that with the help of an appropriate makeup it becomes possible to expose the best facial features and / or to hide some shortages of the appearance. So why is it considered to be so much unacceptable for men?

men_makeupWhen there is a man model on a catwalk, his face always look just perfect, his facial features are bright, and there is no person to think that this man could (and in most cases definitely is) be wearing makeup. And even in case if you do know that, you would in no way consider him an amoral because of simply being a male and wearing some makeup. People take it the way it is – catwalk is a scene and the man accordingly.

However, if it only comes to common men, like our colleagues, friends, even some family members – those, whom we meet every day, what would we think of him if we get to know that this man is using some makeup? Would we consider it being something normal, just like we consider women? The majority of us will most likely give negative answer.

Therefore, it should be noted, that nowadays more and more men begin to apply makeup. And not only the men, who so – to – say “have to do it” because of their profession. These are common men, who wish to be good looking and who do not see anything condemnable in this desire of them. In addition, there are special men makeup lines, and be sure, there is nothing like eye shadow, bright shades of lipsticks or eye shadows, provided by these lines. These are mostly different types of creams and special powders, which are only to be applied to hide some defects of the facial skin or to make some facial features brighter.

So, there is nothing bad in applying some SPECIAL MEN makeup. And it is quite a good idea to try to practice makeup applying. However, it would be better to practice at home up until the result becomes perfect and acceptable. It is possible to ask the girlfriend for help, or one can also apply to some salon and ask the makeup professionals for some assistance. And it should be noted, that most men will have to receive help, because their powder is to blend perfectly on the face. It is a must to make it look excessively natural, simply because the majority of people would not be able to tolerate a man wearing makeup. In case if someone feels lost and embarrassed, he should ask someone for help without hesitation, because there is no doubt that the results will be better, and there will not be any feeling of being ashamed or nervous when going out having the makeup applied for the first time.

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