Matching Make up to Hair Color
Acquaint yourself with useful tips on choosing make up in accordance with your hair color.
Matching Make up to Hair Color

There are a lot of different tips an tricks which are very helpful in choosing the perfect make up colors for you. Some specialists recommend to look at the inside of your wrist and try to identify the colors you can see. As for the undertones it can be difficult to detect these subtle blues or yellows. Other experts advice to select the make up colors in tune with season of the year. However most women can't catch the difference between a spring and winter palette.  Here is one more way of choosing your make up hints: try to select your make up shades around your hair color.

makeup_hair_1Colors for Blondes
Women with blond hair may have skin tones ranging from the fairest porcelain to a rich olive. However the ideal for this hair color are pink and rose hues in make up which suit well for almost everyone. But you should avoid rich, deep colors because they may create contrast between your complexion and your tresses. Give the preference to paler shades with glimmer in order to add sparkle to your face. Colors like pinks, mauves and cool peaches will look great on the lips and cheeks. Your eyea will look sparkling if you use colors like taupes, greys, pinks and plums, which should be chosen depending on your eye color and your wardrobe selections.

Colors for Brunettes
All brunettes have a great opportunity to wear the greatest variety in make up shades. This hair color is mostly complemented by the darker eyebrows and lashes. Also women with this hair color tend to wear less make up than their lighter-toned counterparts.

makeup_hair_2For lips and cheeks, brunettes can use the deeper hues of berry, plum, terracotta and even red. There is a wide range of color for the eye make up including all shades of brown, bronzes, blues, greens and plums. Try to choose colors which involve brown undertones to look flattering.

Colors for Redheads
It looks really gorgeous when you have a combination of fair skin and red hair color. To make your look even more striking add some green eye shadow to the mix. As to the colors of blush and lipstick try to use warm hues such as coral and bronze which can enhance your ruddy undertones. Terracotta and cinnamon are the othe colors which also suit perfectly for redheads. Also, in spite of green which is the obvious choice for your eye make up you can also apply eggplant, copper or sable for variety.

Choosing the ideal make up shades is not as difficult as it may seem. Take a look at your hair color and pick up your shades accordingly.