Applying Make up for the Gym
When you are training at the gym you still want to look good. Here you will find a few suggestions which can keep you looking great at the gym without looking like you even gave it a second thought.
Applying Make up for the Gym

While you are applying make up for the gym, it will be more beneficial to  use a sunless tanner or tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. These products are very helpful, they will give you a wash of color over your face and your make up won't run during your spinning class at gym. 

A sunless tanner will give you a great tan for the whole week an it can also even out your skin tone. Most tinted moisturizers contain vitamins and minerals useful for conditioning your skin. They also include at least an SPF15 rating if you decide to train outdoors.

The most important is to choose the right shade which wil suit perfectly your skin tone so that your make up could look more natural. It will be also useful to take a tone which is a half-shade darker because it will blend well with your natural flush from the workout.

Due to the ability of these products to change your skin tone your face becomes actually covered with a layer of make up, your pores are not clogged and it is posible to dry your face with a towel during your workout. To create a fresh “I woke up this way” look, dab some concealer under your eyes and you are ready to go.

makeup_gymHowever if you still want to apply foundation give the preference to sweat-proof make up products. Such foundations can be easily found in  most cosmetics stores and many famous cosmetic brands offer them in a variety of shades. You should choose foundations which are oil-free and gel- or silicone-based. These foundations will not only stay in place for the rest of the day they will also allow your skin to breathe. These products provide sheer matte coverage, look natural on your skin and also you can be sure that your make up doesn't melt during the day. Try to find foundations which contain mineral silica which will futher reduce shine.

If your skin is oily or heavily prone to sweating when you exercise, apply a primer which will make your skin more matte and absorb excess oils before the foundation is applied.

Gel or Liquid-based Formulas for Eye Make up
For gym-friendly make up that says “I’m not wearing any,” less is more. At first apply water-resistant silicone based mascara. It will stay for long and look great.  After that apply a gel- or liquid-based eye shadow in a subtle shade. Give the preference to a liquid based liner which should be applied to the top lids only. You should achieve subtle eye definition that won’t run – even when you are!

Leave the Lipstick at Home
To create more subtle lip color that won't smudge, apply a subtle shade of lip stain before training. This will give you a natural-looking color which can be dressed up with some gloss at the end of your exercise.