When a Girl should Begin to Wear Make up
If your girl wants to start to wear make up read these useful tips which can help choose the appropriate cosmetics for this age in order that a girl could enhance her youth and natural beauty.
When a Girl should Begin to Wear Make up

It should be mentioned that there is no magic age to let a girl to start to experiment with make up. It is up to parents to decide when to allow their daughter to use cosmetics. Here you can look through a few guidelines if you notice that your «little» girl begins clamoring to be a lady.

Generally a girl can start to wear make up at the age of twelve or thirteen for special occasions and from the age of sixteen a girl can wear make up everyday. However there are several things which should be considered before ever setting foot in the cosmetic aisle:

It is important that your daughter could have a positive self image and some realistic role models to emulate before she begins to apply her make up for the first time.

Cosmetics shouldn't become a substitute for feeling positive about who you are. A girsl should stick to a healthy skin care routine before aplying any type of make up on her face. If the skin is healthy it won't suffer under a layer of cosmetics.

A girl should be responsible and mature and learn to handle make up in a wise manner. 

girl_makeupWhat make up products to choose for a girl?
In most cases a make up product to begin with is a lipstick. Look for the products which can enhance the lips and at the same time treat and protect them. It will be beneficial to find the tints for lips with such ingredients as vitamin E and cocoa butter because they will moisturize and treat the lips. To add polished look to lips and make them pretty a girl can choose a lip gloss.

Another useful make up product is a foundation stick which can be used to cover blemishes. A girl should dot the area with a stick and then blend the edges gently. A dusting of a face powder can be a finishing touch to improve the complexion. And finally to make the lashes smooth and beautiful a girl can apply a clear lash gel without the color.

If your daughter's desire for cosmetics is not fulfillled with these products you can also allow her to use various luxurious body lotions and bath gels with different scents. This will give her a desired feminine pampering.

You should give your daughter a chance to experiment with some of these simple basics of make up application and she will be able to acquire some skills and will be ready for a real make up plan later. Beauty begins young.