Benefits of Fragrance-Free Make up
Clear up if it is realy useful and safe for your skin to use fragrance-free make up and discover the benefits and drawbacks of these cosmetic products.
Benefits of Fragrance-Free Make up

Nowadays you can find fragrance-free cosmetics in drugstores or online. The main benefit of these make up products is that no chemicals are added to the face powders, foundations, mattes, lipsticks, blushes and creams, eye shadow, mascara and other products. This decreases the volume of the products and makes them more expensive than traditional cosmetics. Some women are sensitive to different chemicals in traditional make up products, This can be also a real problem for those who have just had a baby or are expexting one.

The chemical composition of the woman's body evolves  throughout the lifetime. Childbearing years, apart from the puberty years a woman experiences, are the most chemically altering - and most difficult times - she can undergo. The make up which she could wear when she was at school hasn't changed but she has. That's why to prevent your skin from triggering and allergic reactions or incase if you still haven't found the cosmetics which suit you best it will be safer and useful to give the preference to fragrance-free make up products.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) doesn’t sanction or demand safety data on different chemiclas which are added to beauty and personal care products. Shampoos, cosmetics and hair dyes can contain deceptively harmful components before they are put on the market, according to a report by the Environmental Working Group, the Breast Cancer Fund and other public-interest groups.

fragrance_free_makeupSkin Basics
General rule which can keep your skin glowing is to drink plenty of water, eat right, do exercises and rest. Also you should get out into the sun, because Vitamin D is very useful for your health and it cheers you up to be in the sunshine.

The Advantages of Fragrance-free Cosmetics:
Many fragrance free cosmetics are trully natural. The American and Eastern Indians were the first who used oils from pressed olives, in order  to keep skin supple and move through dangerous waters. Eskimos and Asians used much of their animals kills - blood, soot-blackened horns and ground bone fro creating the paste. Animal fats and its own oils were used by women to emphasize their natural beauty.

Modern fragrance-free cosmetics don’t contain sulfates, additives and other things that leave women ill allergic to them.

The Disadvatages of Fragrance-Free Cosmetics:
The main drawback of these make up products is that they can be very exepnsive. Their prices range from $13 for a basic lip gloss to $57 for pressed powder. And, unless it’s made from a complete fruit base, it it’s labeled “fragrance free,” it is crucial to check how ‘free’ that free is. Some products could brake down and warp due to exposure somewhat. This may cause the adversive reaction to your face and the cosmetics won't look as fresh as it once had when first purchased.

Another disadvantage of a fragrance-free make up or body products is that they all have half the shelf life of their chemically-enhanced cousins, which tend to be a waste for merchants to carry and stock these goods. Generally speaking, almost half that of the other known brands - due in part, to recoup their losses in returned to vendor goods.