Selecting Appropriate Foundation
It goes without saying that foundation plays the role of a skin improver. Read about the types of foundation and useful tips which can help you choose the appropriate foundation according to your skin tone and complexion.
Selecting Appropriate Foundation

It is extremely important that foundation would match the woman’s skin tone. In order to be able to choose the best color, one should apply a little bit of it either on the cheek or on the area inside of the wrist. While applying the foundation, it is necessary to be careful to blend around nose and chin and fade away under the chin. It should also be noted, that foundation is never to appear like a mask on the face, this is why it is extremely important to choose the shade as close to the natural skin tone, as possible, so that there would be no sudden changes of colors between the areas around chin and neck. 

Different Types of Foundation
There are all possible forms of foundation available: cakes (called pancakes), creams, emulsions, gels, in sticks (called pen stick), liquids, solid creams (sticks), etc. foundation is usually chosen depending from how much clarity or cover one prefers.

foundationEmulsions: foundation of this form is usually packaged in tubes and it is considered to be formulated for any possible skin type. It is possible to be applied for dry skin, for normal skin, as well as for oily skin. Although emulsion proved to give less sheen, in comparison with the cream of liquid forms of foundations; however, it covers blemishes very well.

Creams: foundation of this form is usually packaged in jars. Creams foundations are best suitable for dry skin, simply because there is a high proportion of oils, contained in them. And although cream – like foundations have a tendency to provide a heavy cover, they usually give a glossy finish.

Liquids: foundation of this form is usually packaged in bottles. There are formulas for liquid foundations, available for every skin types. Although they do provide with a light sheen cover, they are considered to be too light to be able to cover such problems, as scars or blemishes.

Gels: foundation of this form is usually packaged in squeeze tubes. Although they do provide a light and natural look of the skin, they are considered to be good for a normal blemish – less skin.

Cakes or sticks: it is considered to be the solid form of foundation. These types of foundation suit the best for oily skin, because they provide with a drying effect. It is possible to hide blemishes and small scars with the help of this type of foundation. Although, solid forms are very popular for photographic and stage works, they prove to be too heavy for everyday use.

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