Make up as a Fashion Accessory
Your make up can be come one more accessory to your personal style. Here are make up trends which can make you look beautiful and chick.
Make up as a Fashion Accessory

Make up looks
There are various flattering and interesting trends in the make up today. One of them is the natural look which involves earthy and gold tones, neutral shades for eye make up and transparent and shinny lips. The second look is sexier and consists of darker tones used for eye make up from navy blue to purple and dark and sexy lips. 

Tip: It is crucuial to find the look which works for you and which you feel yourself comfortable in. 

Here are a few recommendations which can help you choose your ideal make up look:

If you manage to give your foundation a touch of something pearlscent you can achieve a modern and gorgeous look.

Tip: The foundation should be applied to the entire face. Once it is absorbed apply a small amount of illuminating powder in the T zone, forehead, cheekbones and chin. Use a brush to blend it well to create a pearly but natural effect.

Cover up
Your look can be brightened with the help of a light cover up which should be lighter than your skin tone and applied over your foundation.

Tip: Use your fingertips to blend it well around your eyes and take away any excess.

Eye make up
To achieve natural look you need to use browns an neutral tones.

Tip: You should cover your upper lid with golden tone to give your eyes a touch of light. If your aim is to create a stronger look you need to line the inner eye with dark brown pencil. 
To make a sexier look add darker tones which suit you best, these can be from navy blue to bottle green or try also greys or blacks.

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