Fantasy Makeup
Here you will read useful tips how to apply your fantasy make up correctly. Get to know how to create perfect smoky and cat eye make-ups.
Fantasy Makeup
fantasy_makeup_01Speaking about fantasy makeup, you are to keep in mind that it should be just as ethereal and illusive as it sounds. And here, with this style of makeup, your options are absolutely unlimited. You can create anything, you mind can only imagine, there are no rules existing here: glamour, glitter, color… you can think bold, intriguing, unusual, flowing lines and other designs… .

You can wear this type of makeup for everyday use, in case if you feel brave enough, or if you hand out or work in some environment, which is of an appropriate type. Or, which is also possible and even better, you can experiment this type of a makeup at the clubs and out on the town at night time. And, there is no doubt, that fantasy makeup is simply great for any kind of party, especially for Halloween.

Before applying your fantasy makeup, it would be good to try to wet your makeup brush, and in case if you are going to apply loose powder makeup, you will be able to create intense, rich shades, and even foil – like effects, if you apply metallic colors.

So, to popular fantasy look belong: Rich and intense smoky eye look and exaggerated cat eyes, done in multiple colors.

As for the perfect smoky eye makeup, you can easily achieve it, if you knew the rules. It is possible to wear the classic smoky eye makeup during the daytime, the only thing you will need to do here, is keep it soft enough, well - blended and subtle. And, as for all possible kinds of parties or nighttime, it is possible to jump up a notch. You can apply dark colors bravely and load them on yet more heavily to provide an intense smoky appearance.

Ti should be noted, that the classic smoky look employs black or dark gray eye shadow and eyeliner, however there exist lots of color options, which you can choose from, in case if you have a desire to be somewhat different from the norm. You can try brown, green, navy, plum, taupe colors, as well as any other medium to dark color of eye shadows. You can either keep it matte, if you want to have a smooth look, or go shimmer, if you are going to apply this makeup for fun.

Anyway, the basic smoky eye makeup application process includes the following steps:

1. Apply foundation or eye shadow primer to your entire eye area.

2. Take the lightest color of your eye shadows and apply it to the brow bone only. It is possible to apply beige, cream, peach, pearl, pink or any other light color there.

3. Take the darkest color and sweep it onto your eye lid, with the help of a small eye shadow brush.

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