Facial Recipes
Find out fine facial recipes to pamper your skin and your soul. Get to know some essential tips.
Facial Recipes

Chocolate Facial
1/2  cup cocoa powder
4  tablespoons heavy cream
3  teaspoons cottage cheese
3  teaspoons ripe avocados
1/4  cup honey
3  tablespoons oatmeal, powder facial_makeup

1. In a bowl, mix ingredients together.
2. Apply to face.
3. Leave on face for ten minutes.
4. When taking off the facial, try patting the face with a warm washcloth to dampen before removing.
5. Apply moisturizer.

Banana Moon Facial Mask- recipe

1 banana, just ripe
1 tablespoon honey
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon wheat germ oil
1 tablespoon finely powdered oats
1 teaspoon lemon juice (optional, if mask will not be used immediately)
1 drop each rose and Melissa essential oils (optional)
1. Peel and mash banana. Add honey, egg yolk, wheat germ oil, oats, and lemon juice, if used, and mash further to form a smooth, creamy paste.
2. If mask is too thick, add a bit of distilled water, and stir until smooth.
3. Add essential oils last, and stir to mix well.
4. To use, apply to clean face and neck, avoiding eye and mouth areas. Then rest for 10 minutes, or longer if your skin is very dry. Wash off with warm water, and follow with toner and moisturizer, if desired. Use this mask within a few hours of making.

Facial Toner

 1 oz. vodka
 3 oz. witch hazel
 10 drops Grapefruit
 5 drops Tea Tree
 5 drops Cypress

Directions: Add all ingredients to a 4 oz bottle and shake to mix all ingredients. Be cautious when adding the essential oils. If you make this recipe at first time, add only 10 drops at a time and test on a small area of your skin to insure no reaction before adding more oils to reach your desired strength. Lastly shake the toner well before each use to disperse the oils.