How to Pick up the Right Foundation
Read this step-by-step instruction of how to choose the right foundation for your type of skin. Get to know more useful advice of applying it.
How to Pick up the Right Foundation
face-foundationRead the article below and you will be aware of all the tricks of picking the best foundation.

So, here are the tips:

1. While choosing the foundation, it is extremely necessary to take your skin type into consideration. The reason of it is that before you pick the right shade, it is necessary to find out the formulation, suitable for your skin. Get to know whether you have oily, dry or combination skin.

2. So, here is the right formula choosing procedure: if your skin is oily, you will have to look for such words as “oil – free”, “oil – control” on the bottle with foundation. In case if your skin is dry, consider buying such moisturizing foundations, the bottles of which are marked with the words like “hydrating”, “moisture – rich”. As for the combination type of skin, before choosing the foundation, best for you it is necessary to determine whether your skin is more oily or dry and go from there. It should also be pointed out, that cream – to – powder bases are simply great for the combination skin.

3. In case if you do not feel like being confident in your strength to choose the foundation, then you should ask the makeup seller for help. In order to let her help you, you would better show up to the makeup counter having a clean and fresh face. Therefore, there would not be anything wrong if you have your eye makeup or lipstick applied, it is even possible to have some moisturizer on the face, but what you should never have on, while showing up is any foundation being already applied.

4. It is also possible to pick up several colors, which you think would be close to your natural skin color, and then pick out the one, which would suit you the best. Anyway, you should remember that any yellow – based foundation would look natural enough on all skin tones, while fair skinned women should better try some pink and cooler shades of foundation.

5. Remember, that the color is to be tried out on the jaw line, rather then on the inner wrist or hand areas, which are contrary to popular considerations are not the best spots to try out the shades. So, while picking out the most suitable shade of foundation, it is possible to apply a couple dots of each color on your jaw line and choose the one, which suites your skin tone the most.

6. In order to see whether the foundation color matches, it is necessary to stand somewhere in a natural light: in a doorway or even outside. You should ask to borrow a hand mirror for that. And the right shade of foundation would be the one, which is not visible because it is well blended. In case if you are getting the foundation in a drugstore, then you should better take a couple of bottles to a doorway, have them held up to your neck and look, which one would match the best.

7. As soon as you have obtained the foundation, you should take it home and try it out. In case if you feel like you do not like it, you can possibly return back. And if you are going to buy the foundation in a drugstore, you should better purchase from the one, in which there is a liberal return policy.