Tricks for Your Eyes
Browse through these useful tricks which help you to make your eyes look bigger.
Tricks for Your Eyes

big_eyesThere exist several ways to make your eyes look bigger than they really are. Some of them are described in the article below. Thus, in order to get huge eyes, you should try out the following tricks:

1. You should always remember about having your lashes curled, before mascara is applied. Although, it is also possible to have your lashes curled even after you have already applied the mascara, in this case you will have to do it when mascara gets dried completely – and let it be the useful tip to keep in mind, in case if you ever want to curl your lashes later during a day without having to remove your mascara.

2. It is extremely important not to forget about applying mascara on your bottom lashes. There are quite a lot of women, who avoid applying mascara on them, but it is a fact that mascara, applied on the lower lashes really provides the eyes’ popping effect. In order to have mascara applied on the lower lashes, it is necessary to hold the brush in a vertical position and sweep it back and forth.

3. The individual false lashes is considered to be quite an exotic and gorgeous product, therefore, it would look rather natural, of course, only in case if it is applied correctly. There are even so – called “lash bars” in the hottest department stores of the largest cities of the world. Therefore, the makeup industry is developing continuously; this is why in no time there will be experts in false lashes in nearly every department store available. And in case if someone is not fond of going to the department stores, it is possible to visit the nearest drugstore to obtain false lashes. If these lashes happen to be too long for you, it is possible to have then trimmed with scissors.

4. It is possible to have the lower lids lined with some creamy white eye pencil. Thanks to this your eyes would be provided with this so much desired doe – eyed and seductive look.

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