Useful Eyeliner Tips
Read and learn some interesting facts about liquid eyeliners. After reading you'll be able to make a right choice of making perfect eye line.
Useful Eyeliner Tips
eyeliner• In order to make your eye line last longer, apply the eyeliner over the eye shadows;

• In case if you have done some mistake while the liquid eyeliner application process, you can correct it with the help of a cotton pad and a mild makeup remover;

• You should choose a color of the eyeliner, which would suite the color of your eyes as well as the color of your eye shadows;

• Remember that liquid eyeliner should never be applied to the lower lash line. But in case if your want to make it definite as well, you can apply pencil eyeliner there;

• You should always start to apply the liquid eyeliner in the center of your upper eyelash line;

• While applying liquid eyeliner, it is necessary to follow the natural curve of your lash line;

• Remember that the hand is to be kept in a steady position – it is the main key to flawless application of the liquid eyeliner;

• Try to apply liquid eyeliner as close to the lash line, as possible;

• In case if you want to look more dramatically, you should create a thicker line;

• In case if you want to make a thicker line, you should never create it at first – it is necessary to build the line gradually;

• In order to avoid smudges, choose the liquid eyeliner, which becomes dry fast;

• It is necessary to shake the tube with the liquid eyeliner for several seconds, before it is applied;

•  In case if you are not confident about the even line, you can have a few dashes drawn along the lash line with the help of pencil eyeliner. And then simply unite these dashes with liquid eyeliner;

• Remember, the liquid eyeliner is to be applied after the eye shadows, but before the mascara. This will help you prevent smudges;

• Liquid eyeliners in black brown and dark violet colors are considered to suit nearly every woman; though, everything depends on the colors of your eyes, of course;

• Remember about blending the line in the most careful way. It can be done with the help of a small eye shadow brush;

• It is also necessary to keep in mind that a point liner brush should be used for liquid eyeliner, because it is possible to draw an even line with the help of it;

• You should never keep your liquid eyeliner in the bathroom, because there is a risk that some water may trap it in;

• It is necessary to let the liquid eyeliner dry before you open your eyes;

• No eyeliner can be applied if your eyes are tired or infected;

• You should try to harmonize the eyeliner with the mascara in such a way, that it would frame your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker;