Eyelashes Care Process
Here you can find more useful information for yourself. Read mostly frequently asked questions and answers about eyelashes care process and develop your knowledge about it.
Eyelashes Care Process
fake-eyelashesThere is no secret that every woman wants to have long and gorgeous lashes. Therefore, unfortunate it is, but these are the men that happen to be blessed with the long and silky variety, and women usually have to work hard at it. And as a rule it means wear and tear, not to mention a few lost lashes along the way. Thus, here comes a series of mostly frequently asked questions and answers, which will help you to become somewhat more knowledgeable on the eyelashes care process.

What does the eyelashes falling out mean?

It is considered to be quite a normal thing for several lashes to fall out during a day; therefore, in case if the process seems to be excessive, it can mean that something wrong might be going on. It should be pointed out, that every woman is to be extremely gentle while the mascara removing process: she should neither wipe nor pull at the lashes. It is also important to pay attention to how much mascara is applied, because the more a woman is using, the harder it will be to remove; in addition the wear and tear on delicate lashes can also become the reason of their falling out. It would be good to try to avoid using waterproof mascara on the everyday base, because this is the type, which is the hardest to remove. Moreover, even the pillow may become the reason of the lashes’ falling out, because it is quite possible that someone can be allergic to the filing of the pillow, and it, in its order, can cause the eyes’ swelling and damage to the area of the lashes.

How about eyelash curlers, are they harmful?

Practically every woman has used eyelash curler, at least one time in her life. Therefore, it should be mentioned that it is better not to get into this habit, because eyelash curlers work by bending the lashes into such a severe angle, that it can never be considered natural, without considering the possibility of their breaking or being pulled out. Still, in case if someone is going to use the eyelash curler, it is necessary to keep in mind to do the procedure on the lashes, clear of any mascara. One should use the best eye lash curler that she can find, which goes with a thick sponge tip. While the eyelashes curling process, they are to be squeezed in a gentle way, and then held for a several seconds and, finally, the pressure is to be released slowly. At the end of the process, the eyelash curler is to be removed from the eye area in a gentle way.

Are all makeup formulations the same?

There exist waterproof and water soluble types of mascara. As it has already been mentioned, waterproof mascara should be avoided on most occasions, and it should better be applied only in some extremely special and important circumstances, if ever at all. And, although it is easy to understand, that there is no woman, who wants to find herself with these black streaks running down the face, still, waterproof mascara is considered to be quite difficult to remove without tugging at the area of the eyes.

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