Eyebrow Make up
Learn how to enhance the beautiful shape of your eyebrows with the help of make up. Clear up how to use various make up tools for eyebrow make up and determine how to choose the appropriate color.
Eyebrow Make up

Eyebrow makeup can be applied in order to fill the eyebrows in and enhance them. There are lots of different types and colors of eyebrow makeup. However, the vast majority of women pluck their eyebrows to provide them with a good shape and then they do not do anything else when applying their makeup.

There exist several good ways of applying eyebrow makeup, it is mostly used to bring out the beauty of the eye area, which leads to the balance of the look of the whole face.

Eyebrow Pencils
It is quite possible that an improperly applied eyebrow pencil would look harsh. It is much advisable to use only a sharp pencil, and it should be applied in oft, short strokes. As for the eyebrow brush, only a firm one should be used in order to make sure that the pencil is well blended. One should try to avoid adding to the bottom of the brows and never come further inwards than the inner corner of the eyes.

eyebrow_makeupEyebrow Powder
There is no doubt, that powder can provide a more natural look, in comparison with the pencil, if it comes to the eyebrows. It should be applied with the help of an angled eye brush and one should blend it with an eyebrow blush afterwards. In case if someone has small eyes, then heavy – looking eyebrows would not be a good idea, this is why it is necessary to be careful not to apply too much color.

Eyebrow Gel
Eyebrow gel is applied over the top of eyebrow pencil or powder. It is not necessary to apply it, unless one’s eyebrow hairs stick out in some unwanted direction. And even if there is no specific eyebrow gel around, still, it can be easily substituted with some Vaseline or with a clear mascara.

Eyebrow Color Tubes
There are tubes of eyebrow color, with the help of which it would only take a couple of seconds for the color to be applied.

Eyebrow Dye
In case if someone wishes to apply permanent dye on the eyebrows, this procedure should be conducted only by a professional. It is necessary to mention, that it is extremely dangerous to make any attempts of doing it yourself, because of the harsh chemicals, which are applied in the area so close to the eyes. The eyebrow dyeing procedure will have to be conducted evey four to six weeks, as the hairs have a tendency to drop out and they are replaced with the new ones.

Which Color is the Best for Me?
Although, in most cases there is no necessity to match the hair color with the color of the eyebrows, however, there are cases when it would suit the best. It is considered that eyebrows should be a couple of shades lighter than the hair of the head; and in case if someone has blond or gray hair, then the opposite is true.
In a blonde haired woman overly dark brows usually look unnatural; and it is only a blonde pencil or powder that can help this woman look stronger. However, it is also necessary to mention, that there are people with blond hair, who like to make their eyebrows a little darker, in order to match their darker roots, and this can create a good effect.

If the hair is dark blond or light brown, it would go well with a light brown powder. In case of black hair, soft black eyebrow makeup would be the best way out. Blonde or light brown would go well with light gray heir, depending on the amount of gray on the head. It should also be noted, that blonde eyebrow makeup would suite most natural redhead women, though not – so – natural ones can get away with auburn eyebrow shades.