Eye Make up Techniques
Depending on the shape and spacing of your eyes, basic eye make up techniques can help you transform your face and make you more attractive. If you want to improve the appearance of your eyes or play up their beauty, read these useful tips and techniques.

Eye Make up Techniques
Everyone knows how important it is for women to look good, and eye makeup is one way to start looking your best. However it is crucial to know how to apply it properly and how to use eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow to enhance the beauty of your eyes. The eye makeup color is just as important as the makeup itself. That’s why a lot of women find it very difficult to apply eye make up.

techniquesWith a help of proper eye make up you can really define your look. You can create modest, yet beautiful eyes for the work day, and apply it heavier for dramatic, sexy eyes which are ideal for a party or a special event out on the town. 

Whether you're preparing for day or night, it's a good idea to begin by applying an eye shadow primer base to your lids to help your eye makeup look fresh longer.

Eye makeup is one of the most important parts in the overall cosmetic application technique. If you know the basic eye make up techniques you can highly cheer up your appearance and look gorgeous.

Apply Eye Makeup
With the help of this simple to use guide, it will become easy to learn how to apply such an eye makeup, which will make the eyes look gorgeous. Here are the simple tips, knowing which will help in case of any occasion.
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