Eye Makeup Design
Look through here if you wanna get to know about lots of options for building an eye design, applying techniques, and learn about how to experiment with different colors for the most proper eye-makeup design.
Eye Makeup Design

There are many options for building an eye design. The main idea is to shade the eye or to change its shape by using shadows one over the eye. You have to learn step by step, how to use one eyeshadow or several different eyeshadows to create a well eye-makeup design. Even for the most proper eye-makeup design you have to use four different colors. 
One-color design
This design combines one slight color all over the eye area, from the lashes to under the eyebrow. You should apply a splash of color over the eyelid and not ignore the rest of the eye area. If you apply a single color you have to use a brush. You should not extend the color into the inside corner of the eye (off the lid area) or outside the lid onto the temple. Be sure there are no patches of skin showing through on the lid next to the eyelashes, because the entire lid is one solid color.
Then use the color from the line up to the brow. You should follow the whole length of the eyebrow out to the temple area. Avoid a hard edges at the outside corner of the. The brush will make a soft highlight under the eyebrow. The best colors for eye design are light tan, neutral taupe, beige, pale mauve brown, pale gray, light golden brown, camel, and light auburn. 

  Two-color design
This is the most ordinary eye design. You should apply the lighter color to the eyelid and the deeper color from the crease up to the brow or vice versa. Remember the under-eyebrow color must be a one or two shade darker than the lid color. The lid can be taupe, beige, tan, camel, gray, light auburn, golden brown, or any light neutral shade, and the under-eyebrow color must be a deeper shade of the same color. If your skin has darker tones you can wear muted rose, mauve, or peach as long as it doesn’t make your eyes look too obvious. Bright, noticeably shiny, or whitish shadows can look dated and make the brow bone look more prominent and heavy.
Whatever way you choose to apply this eye design, the lid and under-brow shades must meet but not cover at the crease partly. You can apply the lighter color from the lid to the under-brow area and the darker color in. Then take a brush and use the darker color to gently shade the back corner of the eye.

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