Using Make up to Create Special Effects
Discover how to create various interesting, sexy and scary effects with the help of appropriate make up techniques.
Using Make up to Create Special Effects

It is possible to produce your own special effects, with the help of which you will look hot and sultry and very – very much wanted, next time you go for a night out. Belong are some important professional tips, which should be practiced again and again.
In order to create smoky eyes effect, the eyelids should be covered with an eye shadow, which is nude and shimmery. Just above the upper lash line and up to just above the crease of the eye grey or brown eye shadow should be applied along with a little glitter. Then it is necessary to sweep black matt eye shadow beginning from inside and half way towards the outside of the eye below the crease of the eye. After that the line of black eye shadow should be smudged across the top lash line with the help of a moist q – tip; this line is to extend a little on the outer corners. There is a place for white eye shadow just below the brows, as well as in the inner corners of the eyes. As for the lower lash line, it is to be lined with the eye shadow, moving the brush from outside of the eye and up until the middle of the eye. And the final step in the eye makeup is applying some mascara.

special_effectsIf someone wants to have red festive lips, this woman is to coat her lips with concealer or foundation in order to provide them with vibrancy to her shade of red; in addition, it also helps to make the lipstick stay on for a much longer period of time. As soon as there is foundation applied, comes the turn of a lip liner, which will match the lip color to define the lips. The lipstick is to be applied with the help of a special lip brush, beginning from the outer corner of the mouth and up to the inside of it. Tissue odd the extra color and apply another coat of lip color. And, the final step in the lip makeup is the red lip gloss application; however, it is also possible to have the lips accented with gold sparkle as well.
In order to achieve an informal Christmas gathering, one should apply a light coating of a gold – toned nude and cream based eye shadow all the way across the eyes, which is followed by a car of pale pink eye shadow, applied beginning from the upper lash line and u to just above the crease and a light coat of pale minty green over the eyes, which would work from the inside corner of the eyes and up to the middle of them.
There is some charm in scary beauty as well. This is why one can pain her face for the following Halloween party by applying the mixture of 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, ½ teaspoon of water, ½ teaspoon of cold cream and some food coloring. However, it should be noted, that the face is to be washed and dried out before the beginning of the painting process. As for the painting, large areas should be done with the help of fingertips, while all specific designs are to be performed with a special paint brush. The most important and necessary thing here is to be creativie and innovative, use all your fantasy, and remember, there is nothing to get worried about, as the mixture is quite easy to remove – it can be easily washed with soap and water.
In case if the person is an actor, or if he / she is going to perform some show or even trick, it is not difficult to realize how important it is to be aware of how to produce fake injuries, bruises and blood effects. In order to make a false bruise, one should simply apply deep blue powder eye shadow with the help of a previously dampened makeup brush. Then blots of charcoal gray and blue shadows should be added in order to produce the more realistic effect. It is also possible to have the edges touched up with shimmery olive green and the edges smudged.
If someone wants to make “artificial” blood, he / she can do it with the help of a tomato sauce. However, in this case ants may become the reason of some problems, if someone is going to wander all night long haunting the neighbors. And for this case there is a special sugarless “artificial” blood recipe, which can be easily prepared in home conditions. ½ bottle of light corn syrup is to be poured into a bowl; then how water is to be kept adding while stirring continuously up until there is the right consistency reached. And in order to be able to wash the mixture off easily, some liquid soap can be added into it. It is also possible to use red food color. If someone wants to provide darker blood color effect, a couple of drops of blue or green food color can be used.