Beauty Advice from Different Countries
Read the beauty tips from different countries and use them in order to make your skin, hair and body healthy, beautiful and smooth.
Beauty Advice from Different Countries

Greek women usually do a body peeling at the beach. You should smear the body oil all over your body and them massage it with the sand. After such peeling you will notice spectacular results.

The Japanese often consume seaweed, rice and soy germs. The women think that these products are beneficial for their skin and health and beauty.

English women don’t eject tea-bag after use. They put it in a fridge and once their eyes are irritated they apply these tea-bags to the eyes for several minutes.

Women who live in Spain ad olive oil to the face and body masks. So before you do a manicure you need to dip your fingers in a bowl of headed olive oil fresh lemon juice. This will soften your cuticles and you can shape your nails easier. 

If you want  to achieve saturated brown tone of your hair you should try to add vinegar.  You need to add three table spoons vinegar to 200g. water and after that your hair should be rinsed.

The Dutchwomen advise you to walk on the fresh air more. They think that it is useful for the skin and improves health. 

Latin America
To nourish the hair you can use avocado from which you can prepare different masks for your body, hair and face. You need to cut the avocado in half, remove the soft part and rub it in your hair. Wait for an hour and then rinse your hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner.

Women in Argentina use cream instead of moisturizer. Beat up the cream till it gets thick and apply it as a face mask. You should leave the mask for 15 minutes and then it should be removed. It is suggested that the cream can cleanse your skin deeply and brighten dull complexion.

Try to use olive oil for nourishing your eyelashes. If you want to whiten your teeth you need to apply basil leaf to your teeth.

To soften your lips and improve their elasticity you should apply honey on your lips every day■