Tips for Beige Skin and Dark Hair Women
Here you will find useful information for women who have beige skin and dark hair. Read some advice about which colors better suitable for you.
Tips for Beige Skin and Dark Hair Women
Here are the top ten colors for people with brown or black hair, beige or even pink skin and those, whose eyes are some shade of brown or hazel.

1. Lilacs. This color provides tons of mileage. And in this case it set off the dark eyes’ color, at the same time being subtle enough even for wearing at the office.

dark_hair_girl2. Pinks / Reds. In your case this intense pink or (it would even be better) red color of lips will draw the attention, you are looking for, while working with your skin tones.

3. Smoke Blue (eye shadow). This shade should better be used as a subtle lid color, however, it is extremely necessary to make sure that it is blended well enough so, that it would not stand out too much. In case if you are going to apply some lighter shade of blue, have this darker shade put against the orbital bone, and you are the queen of any occasion.

4.  Smoke Plum. Women with your skin tone and hair color are greatly advised to apply this color in order to have their orbital bone “pushed back”. Therefore, this effect should better be kept for some evening and candlelight occasion.

5. Sand. In case if you are going to create the nude look, this is the shade, which is to be chosen as a shadow color. However, any pale shade of brown, such as caramel, honey, pale bronze, etc. will work here rather well.

6. Hot pink. For the blush. With the help of the intensity of this shade of pink you can make sure without any doubt, being left that it will be visible and noticeable on your skin. And sometimes it is a good way out, because any color, which is lighter than the one, mentioned above, can practically disappear in several hours or so. However, remember that you will have to blend it carefully in such a way that there would be no visible edges left.

7. Charcoal Gray. For the eye liner. Although black eyeliner is considered to be classical, this shade would not look so harsh and it is much more forgiveable.

8. Red. For the lipstick. There were times when red color of lipstick was very glamorous. And you can duplicate this look by applying the right shade of red. Though, as for your skin tone and hair color, you should try brown red shade of lipstick.

9. Cherries. For the blush. It can be considered as another variation of pink blush. One of the advantages of this shade of blush that it is quite easy to be found, because nearly every cosmetic company can propose it to you.

10. Earthy Taupes. For the eye shadow. You can apply this color of eye shadow in case if you are going to create smoky eyes. Remember: the more intensive this color is applied, the smokier is your look.