Cream vs. Powder Make up
Read these essential tips and clear up which cosmetics suit best for you: powder or cream.
Cream vs. Powder Make up

Today's cosmetics have become more advanced and women have more choices than before- both in colour and actual formulation of the make up products. There are two most popular forms  of make up: creams and powders.

There are a few factors which should be kept in mind before you decide which type of make up - powder or cream – will work best for you. Colour is a very important factor – if your favorite shade only comes in one form, then that’s probably what you should use.

Foundation is not the most exciting product you buy but it is the basis of your look.

Traditionally, you should apply a liquid foundation and then set it with a powder. Today you can use a cream foundation that dries to a powder or a powder that acts as a foundation as well. You can choose it to your personal preference which will look and feels best on your face. Here are a few items to consider as you decide:
1. Cream (and cream to powder) foundations are suitable for normal to dry skin types. They create a semi-matte finish for a subtly dewy glow. If your main aim is to create a sheer coverage a cream or cream to powder foundation might be a good bet.

2. Powder foundations provide more coverage and are recommended for women with normal to oily skin types. Powder can be loose (lighter finish, but more messy) or pressed (easier to apply, but goes on thicker). Powders are used to create matte finishes where oil control is a main task.

Eye Shadow
When it comes to your eye shadow, one of the biggest deciding factors after color will be the amount of shimmer you want to have. Generally cream eye shadows produce a more noticeable shimmer than the traditional powder shadows. Powder eye shadows won't weigh down your eyes but they may demand more touch ups throughout the day than a cream shadow.

Again, blush is an area that once upon a time was firmly powdered. While a powder blush is still the easiest to blend over your foundation (especially a powder or cream to powder), more and more women give the preference to a self-tanner or a tinted moisturizer instead of a traditional foundation. In those situations, it is better to use a cream-based blush or even a more sheer cheek stain to preserve the natural skin underneath.

You should choose make up products depending on your personal preference and the other cosmetics you wear. If you want to make a switch from one to the other, you should ask for a sample of the product you are thinking about trying at the cosmetics shop. The beauty consultant should have samples of almost everything on hand.

You need to try the samples out on the day when you are planning to stay at home. See how it looks and how it wears over the course of the day.