Corrective Make Up Suggestions
Identify important corrective make-up techniques which can attract attention to the beautiful features of your face and also hide imbalanced and problem areas.
Corrective Make Up Suggestions

Make-up is beneficial for emphasizing your most appealing features and also hiding the imbalanced or unattractive features with the help of shading or shadowing. Using the certain combination of cosmetics colors for this purpose is the main aim of corrective make-up. 

If you apply a lighter foundation on the certain area of your face, you will be able to highlight it in order to attract attention.

Shadowing or shadings
If a darker shade of foundation is used on a particular area the attention to it will be minimized. With the help of shadowing you can detract attention.

When you want to apply two shades of foundation you should spread them properly towards the required direction. The demarcation line of the foundation should be invisible. That’s why you need to blend carefully.

Make-up color and its importance
Different colors of the make-up products can create different effects on your face. It is crucial to select suitable cosmetic colors.

corrective_makeupHere are a few tips which can help you choose the right color:
1. You need to study the profile and the front appearance of your face.
2. Clear up the color of your eyes, skin and hair.

3. Your make-up color should fit the color of the eyes, skin and hair.

4. Tone down the problem areas on your face using matching dark colors.

5. The make-up highlighters should be applied according to the corrective results which you want to achieve.

Face contouring
You should do face contouring before applying the main foundation. You can highlight and shadow different features of your face using different shades of foundation get fixed in their place. The effect can be softened by an overall application of one color foundation.

Generally, three shades of foundation are needed for corrective contouring:
1. For highlighting you should take lighter shade of foundation.

2. Use dark color foundation to hide imperfect features.

3. To defuse the harshness of highlighting and shadowing you should apply overall natural skin color foundation.