Correcting your Make up at Work
Read these tips which can keep your face make up looking fresh during your working day like you have just walked out your door in the morning.
Correcting your Make up at Work

You often notice that you feel like a mess by the middle of the day. The make up of people with oily skin is often faded, smeared or worn off  by mid-afternoon. Your eyeshadow or eyeliner has disapeared  and its traces are clumped in the folds of your upper lid. Sometimes the eyeliner can even smudge below your eyes. The perfect pink blush has been gone and the lipstick has been left on the coffee cup.
An ideal way would be to go home, wash your face and apply your make up once more. However, there is another possibility to correct your make up every day. Your boss wouldn't like if you spend twenty minutes each day reapplying your make up in the ladie's room.  If both these options are impossible for you, here are a few tips:
You need to examine the cosmetics which you wear every day to work. Don't forget that ay time look should be different from your evening make up. Find out whether you need to make any changes. Once you have realized it you can start to apply your make up:
1. You need to begin your day with a usual cleansing ritual. Your make up should be light. Less is better especially in case of a foundation. Your make up should look natural and the touch up will be easier for you.

2. Buy some blotting issues. With the help of these small papers you can remove the oil from your face and reapply some of your make up. As an alternative you can also use a tissue or perm endpapers from a beauty supply house.

3. Your lipstick should be removed and applied only in the final step.

4. Smooth out the remaining foundation with a brush or a sponge. Apply a light coat on certain areas if neessary.

5.  When you reapply your blush you need to keep it light. Avoid creating  two brightly colored cheeks.

6. Then remove any smudges from the area around your eyes. Touch up the eyeliner if it is needed but don't reapply your mascara. Your eyelashes may have “clumpy” or “caked” look.

7. At the end reapply your lipistick.
The whole process will take only a few minutes. You will need minimal supplies from your home to freshen your look and look as if the day had just started. You will also feel much better.