Make up for Color Contact Lenses Wearers
Clear up how to choose the appropriate eye shadow color for women who wear colored contact lenses in order to make the eyes really stand out.
Make up for Color Contact Lenses Wearers

Color contacts is a great and very useful thing: you can wear enhancement color lenses to brighten up your natural eye color or opaques which can give you a new color. But if you want to get maximum effect from your lenses you will also need to apply eye make up.

It is important to choose the colors of eye shadow in accordance with your skin tone and the color of your colored contacts.

makeup_color_contactFor women with fair skin
If your color contacts are green give the preference to neutral or pale shadow in green or blue tones.

If you wear blue or turquoise contacts you can use blue shadow which is a shade lighter than the tone of your contacts.

Lawender shadows look best with amethyst, violet or gray color contact lenses.

It will be more beneficial to use brown eyeliner instead of black because it has more natural look on fair skin. Don't make the line under your eye too sharp, it should be smooth.  If you wear blue or turquoise contact lenses you can also try to apply blue mascara which can make the blue color more intense. 

For women with medium skin
Women with warm, medium dark skin tone wearing green, blue or violet contacts should look for neutral eye shadows such as taupe, browns or plums. If your contacts are amrthyst or turquoise you can apply dark lavener or plum eye shadow and also add a hint of silver across the eyelid.

Make up for dark skin
Amethyst, sapphire blue and green color lenses look best on women who have dark skin. To make your green eyes deeper you can apply bronze shadow in the crease.

Mauve or deep brown shadows can be chosen to make the color of blue or amethyst colored contact lenses more intense. For women wth aqua or turquoise lenses, amber shadows applied across the top eyelid will work best.

No matter what color of contacts you prefer and use your eyes due to them will become brighter and noticeable. However you shouln't apply extremely bright eye make up because it may overpower the new beauty of your eye color.

You can also emphasize your eye color with the help of lipstick. However, lipsticks in neutral colors won't do much for you. You should give the preference light, red tones which can make your eyes really stand out.

It is crucial to start to apply your make up right after your color contacts are already in place because the tiny particles of your mascara can get under your lenses and cause irritation. The lenses should be taken off before you begin to remove your make up.

It is necessary to use mascara of a high quality so that it couldn't brush onto your lenses. Your eyes should fee comfortable while you are wearing mascara.  It is recommended to use water-based mascaras. You should also study the mascara labels, there are certain products which have a "safe for contact lens wearers" mark.