Choosing Make up Colour
It is really an art to choose the right make up colour. Browse through some recommendations which can help you choose the apropriate colours.
Choosing Make up Colour

Some women know instinctually which shades look on them the best while the others may have problems even when they select a simple neutral lipstick.

Silver or Gold? Try to hold a piece of gold jewellery against the face. What do you see? Then you should do the same with a piece of silver jewellery. Try to determine in which jewellery you look best. If the silver looks best on you, give the preferene to cool toned colours. But if you look more beautiful in gold jewellery you need to use warm toned colours.

Cool or warm tone? A cool tone colour in most cases includes blue undertones. To the cool toned colours belong:  pure white, black, dark blue and true red.

Warm toned colours contain a yellow undertone. They are:  orange, forest green, gold and brown. For you make up choose colours that fit your personal undertones.

Hair and skin colour. The skin color and the shade of your hair can help you determine which colours look best on you. For instance, if you have light skin and dark hair, you can apply a bolder lipstick colour.

Women with light hair and light skin, will look best in light pastel shades depending on your skin tone.

If a person has medium hair and a medium skin tone, use more brown tones in your make up. You need to experiment until you find the right colour.

Your colour choices. If this talk about warm and cool colours makes you feel confused, try to think about what colours you like the most. Sometimes we can tend to gravitate toward colours that look best on us.

Get your colours done. Ther are also specialists which can help you determine your ideal colours. Such information will be very helpful while choosing make up and clothes.

However, you shouldn't be obsessed with wearing the right colour.  The most suitable colours are those that best enhance your features and improve your comfidence. You need to trust your instincts and use the above tips only as  general suggestions.