Care Makeup Choice
Check us out to find care makeup tips concerns choosing your makeup with care. Consider several points about how to select the makeup products.
Care Makeup Choice

Several points about how to select the makeup product need to be considered here: your skin type and colour, your personality, the occasion, and last but not the least, the cost - all of these would influence the selection of your cosmetic products.

You have to know for sure that your skin is the most important 'factor which should influence the selection of your cosmetics. There are two aspects which need to be considered: the skin type and the skin colour. So, you should select cosmetics which suit your skin type, for instance never purchase a cosmetic for oily skin if your skin type is dry because that would certainly be inviting trouble. Ditto, don’t use cosmetics designed for dry skin if your skin type is oily.  

Harmony of colours is the second aspect of choosing make-up. Colour harmony brings everything together, giving a well coordinated and agreeable effect. Any make-up you use should enhance your natural colouration, and not suppress it. Remember the colour of your make-up should blend with the colour of your skin, your eyes and your hair.

There are two basic colour harmonies in make-up:

1. The bluish harmony or the cold tones.
2. The gold harmony or warm tones.

Inquire the tones of your face completely. Thus, your face may have several colour tones-identify them and utilize the best colour harmony. Most of Indians have the gold harmony-yellow, beige, orange and brown tones with, perhaps, a tinge of green. And people with the bluish harmony have blue, mauve, pink, reddish-blue and grey tones in their skin. Accordingly use only colours which complement your natural skin colour.
Another thing to consider is that not everyone can carry off heavy make-up. Make sure it is definitely better to look simply made-up, rather than grotesquely plastered. Also, your dress must suit your make-up and be just right for the occasion.

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