Tips for Brown Hair Women
Get to know which colors better suitable to you, if you are dark brown hair girl with golden skin. Read how create your make up more correctly.
Tips for Brown Hair Women
Here are the top ten colors for people with chestnut, dark brown or black hair, olive or golden skin and those, whose eyes are anywhere from a hazel and up to any variation of brown.

1. Olive Green. You can freely apply eye liner as well as eye shadows of this color. It is also possible to have it mixed with browns for a variety of shades to work with.

2. Red Clay. This is considered to be the best color to apply on your cheeks and lips.

3. Golden Brown. For the lipstick. In case if your eyes are dark and smouldering, you can apply this color of a lipstick.

4. Buff. This pale yellow or brown shade would work its best as an eye shadow as well as a highlighter.

5. Peach. You can apply peaches for eye shadows, blushes, as well as lip colors. It is an extremely versatile color for your skin tone.

brown_hair_girl6. Gold. This is another color, which can be applied as an eye shadow, a highlighter, over another lip color, or even as an eye liner. Moreover, you can also get some gold into your blush.

7. Teal Blue. For the eye shadow. The smoky teal will provide your eyes with this smoky appearance, which is considered to be of great popularity from one season to another.

8. Copper. For the eye liner. Although it is mostly advised to apply copper for an eye liner, it is quite possible to find lots of other uses, you should simply begin to play with this color and turn your imagination on.

9. Hot Chocolate. For the lipstick. Just as other variation of brown, this will look simply perfect on your lips.

10. Stay Away from Pinks. There are not many shades of pink, which you can pull off.