Types of Blush, Basic Application Tips
Study the types of blush and learn how to apply different kinds of blush correctly.
Types of Blush, Basic Application Tips

Blush is considered to be practically the most important makeup product. With the help of it nearly every woman can look younger, healthier and even more alive. However, there is one problem: which formula of blush should be preferred? Moreover, it is not less important to find out how should it be applied properly.

And there is the good news: nowadays blush is available to get in so many textures and colors, that it is easy enough to find a fool – proof product, which would seem to be designed just for you.

Powder is truly considered to be the most popular type of blush. In addition, powder is the easiest to apply. Powder formulas do not have a tendency to get slipped and slided in hot days, and it will also seem perfectly on humid cays. Moreover, powder is the best choice for oily skin.

How to apply. In order to apply blush, one should ditch the brush, which usually comes along with it inside the package and invest in a good quality blush brush. Then the brush is to be dipped on the pan in a light way so, that not too much product would be left on it, as it is necessary to start applying blahs with a sheer layer of it. It is necessary to begin the blush application starting from the cheeks. In order to put the blush on the cheek, one should smile and apply it on the “apples” of the cheeks. Then by small circular motions the blush is to be blended toward the hairline. In case if more depth and intensity is necessary, it is possible to add more blush; however, every woman is to keep in mind: overdone makeup looks rather funny and clown like, but never a beautiful woman – like.

Mousse blush is considered to be rather a new addition to the makeup industry. It applied like a cream, though it provides the same effect, a powder does. Moreover, mousse blush is rather portable and travel friendly, as it is possible to be applied with the fingers. Although mousse – like blush is the best decision for oily skin, it can also be applied on dry skin, though as long as the skin stays soft and well moisturized. There is another advantage mousse blush – it can be applied either on top or liquid powder foundation.

How to apply. Take about a quarter sized drop of blush mousse on finger or on a brush. In case if you are using a brush, it is necessary to make sure that it is designed to be used for cream products. Then smile, find the “apples” of your cheeks and blend them quickly.

Cream blush is the best decision to be applied on dry or mature skin types. Cream blush offers a soft, lit – from – within finish with or without liquid or powder foundation. As for application technique, cream blush possible to be applied either with the help of fingers, or with a brush.

How to apply. First of all smile. Remember, that you should do it as often, as possible. Then dot the “apples” of your cheeks lightly with your cream blush. Wait until it has melted into your skin, and then blend it outward in small strokes up until there is no more outline left. It should be noted, that cream blush is buildable, so, if it seems that the layer is too sheer, bravely go ahead and keep applying the blush until the color payoff becomes satisfactory.

Stain / gel
It is considered to be the trickiest of all blush types. However stains are also the longest lasting blushes. Gels and stains are unique from the point of view, that they fit and are good enough for all possible types of skin, they never look matte or dewy. In case if they are applied in correct way, they simply provide natural effect. However, before one decides to apply this blush, it is necessary to make sure, that the face is weel hydrated, that there are no flakes or dry patches on it.

How to apply. The application of stain / gel blush does not require any brushes being involved. Everything is done with the help of fingers.

Again, before application the blush, find the “apples” of your cheeks by smiling. Then put a tiny dot of blush on the finger and blend it quickly into the cheek “apple”. It should be pointed out that there is no room for error with a stain, as taking too long might leave a woman with uneven and patchy color. Therefore, once someone got a hand on its application, this woman may find herself toting around a tube of it in her purse – it can double as a lip color.