Makeup Blunders
Read more information about the faults which we may create while make up applying. Get to know how to invent your perfect make up and educate yourself how to avoid the most common makeup blunders.
Makeup Blunders

makeup_blundersThere is no secret that the makeup is practically like a work of some art or so. And you should remember that this work of yours will be practically as much gossiped around, as the real one. So, it is extremely important to look perfect everyday and even every moment.

You probably think yourself looking simply gorgeous having all that makeup applied on your face. But as soon as you take another look, your so perfect makeup may not really appear so much perfect. There exist several mostly widespread makeup blunders, every women should try her best to avoid in the article, below.

Makeup Blunders you need to avoid:

There is no doubt that the blush may look simply fantastic in the magazine advertisement on some model with the drop dead gorgeous look; however, it is necessary to keep in mind that too much blush will actually make a woman look like someone has dropped a color palette over her face. The blusher is to be applied in such a way that it would give you a natural look – it is to look rosy and pretty. This is why the color of the blush is to be of some pink or peach shadow, in order to make a woman look youthful. As for the area of application, it is also to be chosen in an appropriate way; to do it one should smile a little and then tap the blush right onto the area of the cheekbones. And do not dust too much; you would better save your generosity for something else.

Have you ever realized that while trying to conceal the blemishes, you are actually highlighting them and nothing more? This is considered to be the following makeup blunder, women should carefully think about. Remember, it would be hundreds of times better to have no makeup applied at all, rather than give prominence to the blemishes. Therefore, in case if concealer application is a must for someone, it is simply necessary to match it with the shade of foundation.

Now: you have already spent quite a lot of so precious minutes applying your highly branded new eye shadow, but have you got busy and checked out all the dust beneath your eyes as well as on your cheeks? There is one way to avoid this makeup blunder: you should do your eye makeup before you apply the foundation. And do not rub the dust off, because this will only embed it further into your skin. 
 You are at the party feeling simply great about yourself and, in about a second or so you suddenly begin to consider yourself being years older than you really are. Everything is because someone has walked up to you and mentioned that you looked a little tired today. You feel like all the minutes, spent in front of the mirror, all the layers of your makeup have simply gone waste. Oh, it is really an awful feeling. And the reason of it is the wrong color choice from your color palette, it can really add age to your face rather than making you look fresh and youthful. In case if you have applied shades of blue and grey in some incorrect way, it can become one of the greatest makeup blunders women ever make. And even if these shades are in vogue, you should still try to keep to you basic colors, unless you love drawing attention for some wrong thing.

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