The Big Day Tips
Check us out to look beautiful and be the center of attention on your Big Day. Consider some common tips: makeup, application techniques, skin care, face care and other considerable advice to ensure you look stunning on photos.
The Big Day Tips

wedding_day1. Consider regardless of the product, shade, or application technique, makeup is only as good as the skin it covers. Treat your skin well and avoid using products that cause irritation or can cause side effects such as dryness, flaking, or redness. Satisfy your skin’s needs based on its history and the weather (is the event in a location where it will be more humid, arid, or cold than your skin is used to?) then choose products accordingly.

2. You should refuse flatly to have a facial, microdermabrasion, peel, or any other spa or dermatologist treatment within two weeks of the event, especially if you have not had such procedures performed in the past. Ultimately the last thing you want to deal with is the complications that could result. Use the time to get a stress-relieving massage or manicure and pedicure rather than a facial, if a trip to the spa is part of your bridal bliss.

3. Foretaste being photographed and take into account the lighting. Make sure wedding photos demand different makeup than indoor photos. Consider outdoor lighting is most flattering in late afternoon as the sun begins to set. When the sun is directly overhead, if it is possible, avoid scheduling an outdoor wedding ceremony and photos for midday. This casts unwanted shadows on your face and is universally unflattering. For outdoor weddings less makeup is preferred. Use a sheer, satin-matte foundation, a light dusting of pressed powder, powder blush, soft eyeshadow colors that are matte or barely shiny, and eyeliner that is dark brown or slate gray rather than black, which can look too harsh in daylight. Keep in mind that lips can be any color, but opaque lipstick with sheer makeup can look too contrasting. More often than not, outdoor makeup looks best with creamy lipsticks. For mascara, choose brown if you have blonde hair (dyed or not). All other hair colors should stick with black mascara, preferably waterproof unless you’re sure you won’t cry!

  4. Take into consideration you have to flash photography for indoor ceremonies. Proper camouflage with a neutral- to yellow-toned foundation is a must, because a camera's flash tends to emphasize pink or ruddy skin tones. Avoid foundations and powders with sunscreens in which titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are the active ingredients. It means both of these mineral pigments have an opaque, reflective quality that can make your face look whiter than the neck in photos. So, a small amount of titanium dioxide in your foundation or powder is fine; it just shouldn't be an active ingredient where the concentration is considerably higher.

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