Beauty Tips: Makeup Secrets
Here you can find useful advice about how to make flawless make-up and create your unsurpassed image with our beauty tips. Learn about make-up secrets and new applying techniques.
Beauty Tips: Makeup Secrets
1) Be careful with the eyelash curler.
Lashes are very brittle. It's a good idea to heat up the curler with the blow dryer before using it. It will be better than to crunch them over and over.
2) Eye-liner effects.
You have to use eye shadow with a very thin, angled brush as an eye-liner. It's softer and will not melt like a usual eye pencil. To achieve a nice line with a pencil eye-liner, without hurting your eye, is to hold the pencil near a lightbulb (near it to soften it). You can achieve a smokey look too with this technique. It is more gentle when a little heat is used.
3) Always be as kind as you can with your skin.

Applying makeup seems to mystify many people. You will be amazed at how easy it is to do flawless makeup every time.
Want your makeup to go on flawless? Preparing the blank canvas is a most important step in preparing your face for makeup. This means moisturizing or using an under base. You will find your foundation glides on more easily and especially important for those with dry skin.
An off-color base will make other cosmetic you apply look not absolutely right. If you want to find the right foundation and right shade, blend a little from your jaw line and down to the neck to make sure the color blends with your neck, and don't listen to those who tell you that you need apply a test patch to your inside of wrists. Your skin color here is totally different to your face.
Want perfect coverage? First you have to apply a foundation and only then a concealer.
Foundation will hide about 75% of all the discolorations of your bare face. You have to use the concealer on the most obvious points of your face.
You want eye shadow to be pictured perfect all day? Before you apply shadow or liner, you have to use a concealer on the lids and a little underneath the eye, blending with a sponge of   foundation followed by powder. It will not be the tone of your eyelids but make your shadows to last longer.
Loose powder is more universal than its pressed cousin. Choose a loose powder with a yellow undertone to ensure it suite your skin tone, and apply with a fluffy powder brush. It sets every type of cosmetic, from foundation to eye shadow to even lipstick and helps to reduce shine.
 Use great brushes.
High-quality brushes allow you to apply and blend better than anything else. At a minimum, you need a fluffy powder brush, a flat eye shadow brush, a tapered blush brush, and a lip brush.

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