How To Fix Your Beauty Flaws
Read useful information and get to know how to hide different defects into your face with the help of make up.
How To Fix Your Beauty Flaws
beauty_flawsNowadays nearly every woman can fix her skin flaws, as well as emphasize her best features with the help of modern makeup products. It is a well – known fact, that well and correctly applied makeup can conceal any fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the shape of the face can be changed with the correctly applied blusher. A woman can make her face rounder or longer, she can also emphasize her beautiful eyes. And there a common consideration of all makeup artists, that proper applied makeup is the best way to the creation of a flawless appearance. Below there are several variants of how some beauty disadvantages can be hidden with the help of a makeup.

Quick Fix: Dull complexion, dehydrated skin

Women with dull complexion and whose skin seems to be dehydrated can consider powder being their best friend, as it is with the help of it one can correct this flaw. In order to do this one should choose the powder, which would suit the woman’s skin tone and apply it with the help of a big and round brush. The powder should be applied with light touches over the entire face area; therefore, special concentration needs the following zones: chin, nose and the T – zone forehead. The powder acts by keeping the skin matte practically all day long, at the same time moisturizing it.

Quick Fix: Brown spots, yellowish complexion

Women, whose complexion is yellowish and who suffer from these brown spots, which are usually caused by the sun, should apply their makeup in such a way, as if they are suntanned. In order to do it a bronzing powder with some mild golden hue should be used. This powder is to be applied with either a special big powder brush, or, at least with a blush brush. The very application procedure should be conducted extremely carefully, and the powder is to be applied to the cheeks, chin and forehead areas. Therefore, it is also possible to apply a little bit of the bronzing powder to the very tip of the nose, but in this case a woman is to make sure that the powder is not of a very dark shade.

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