Beach Make Up Tips
Browse through useful tips which can help you create the beach make-up.
Beach Make Up Tips

Beach make-up should be minimal. First of all you should start your day with a cleaning moisturizer. Before you put on your make-up you need to use a quality sunscreen. You can look for tinted moisturizer which also includes sunscreen. You can buy it at any leading store nowadays. The moisturizer should be absorbed by your skin and after that you need to dab the concealer. Use a synthetic brush to apply it. It is crucial that the concealer could fit the tone of your skin.

The blush should be light and blend with your skin. If you need more color you can add one more layer.

beach_make_upThe next step is to dust the face lightly with a translucent powder. Pay much attention to your t-zone and use a big powder brush. It will enhance your blush and helps you create natural look and your skin will appear healthy. It is important to use a quality translucent powder. A high quality product will provide proper hydration and also cools the skin on contact.

The make-up of eye lashes is often ignored. It is necessary to apply at least two coats of waterproof mascara on the root of the lashes. Apply it very carefully because smears or smudges would look bad.

The color of your lips should be as natural as possible. Give the preference to lip conditioners of a good quality which can be found in the market. The most popular brands of lip conditioners can make your lips softer and moisturize them. You will have the opportunity to choose the color that matches your natural color.

When you have taken care of the most part of your make-up you can head to bronzer. You can apply it on the center of your forehead, chin, nose and neck. It is important that it could blend well and the lines shouldn’t be visible.