Crucial Products for your Make Up Bag
Explore which make-up products should be without fail in your make-up bag in order that you could always look gorgeous and well-attended.
Crucial Products for your Make Up Bag

There are a lot of different make-up brands and types and it can be hard to choose those which are suitable for you. But there are some tested and true make-up products which are suitable for everyone. If you have decided to stock your make-up bag (or kit, case, drawer or whatever you use for keeping cosmetics) you can look through the top picks for must have make-up!

The most important make-up product today is primer. It prepares your skin for the application of the make-up. It should be applied on the clean, dry skin and can help you create a smooth and even surface. If you use primer your make-up will last longer and go on more evenly.

High quality foundation is necessary for everyone. There are foundations for all skin types and tones. It is important to select the color that fits the tone of your skin. With a very dark foundation your skin will look orangey. But if the tone is too light the skin might have a greyish cast. Foundation can come from very sheer to opaque coverage.

Concealer is needed for hiding blemishes and dark circles. It can be applied under the foundation or on the top of it. To apply concealer you can use your finger and pat into the skin with a stippling motion. You need to repeat until you reach the desired look.

The blush can come in powder, cream, gel or stick form. Powder blush can be applied easier but cream creates a more natural flush. Some people choose gel and stick blushes.

Eye Shadows
You can find neutral eye shadows in tones like tan, taupe, beige, champagne, gold and toffee which suit for all skin tones and eye colors. The lightest color should be applied on the browbone, the second lightest on the lids.  The medium shade can be used in the crease and apply the darkest shade as a liner.

Eye Liner
Black eyeliner is the most practical choice. You can look for the black liner in pencil form for easy lining or choose a liquid pen liner to create a sharp line. There are also some eye liners which can be applied with the brush.

Black mascara is universal. To create the thickest, longest lashes you need to curl lashes before you apply the mascara. After that you can apply two coats of a good mascara.

Lip Gloss
Lip gloss can be a good replacement for lipstick. There are glosses which provide only a hint of color or none at all. They can also have opaque colors.