Common Wedding Make up Mistakes
When women get ready for wedding they mostly think that the bigger the event, the bigger the make up. However it is not right. Here is a list of top ten wedding make up mistakes.
Common Wedding Make up Mistakes

1. Applying excessive amount of make up. It is true that your wedding is a big celebration but you shouldn't try to make your face as grand as the excitement. Use less make up instead.

2. Stuck on trends. If you want to have a timeless, classic an neutral face on your wedding photos you shouldn't apply too much shine on your face. Give the preference to matte and neutral tones in your wedding make up.

wedding_mistakes3. Wearing make up which doesn't suits you. If you haven't worn make up before, don’t walk down the aisle or show up at th event looking like you lost a fight with a Drag Queen. You should only enhance your natural beauty and achieve a fresh look. 

4. Look-a-likes. It will be more beneficial to allow your bridesmaids to keep their individuality and wear make up which looks good on them. And don't ask them to apply purple eye paint so that it could match the purple dresses. Use harmonizing color families instead.

5. Forcing somebody do something. Mostly moms of brides and grooms can do everything to please the bride and sometimes the lipstick which you ask them to wear can look silly on their usually bare lips. Don't ask anyone to be made up for your event because this can only cause a needless stress for yourself also.

6. Changing your skin care routine. Most brides get facials, tans and teeth whitening just a week before the wedding. As a result the skin erupts, gums flare up and tans can peel off like wallpaper right before the wedding ceremony. It will be more beneficial to stick to your regular skin care regime, eat well, exercise, drink enough water, sleep well and take less caffeine.

7. Leaving your make up must haves at home. You shouldn't trust make up artists who tell you that your face make up will last the whole day of your wedding and you won't need any touch-ups. It is crucial to take with you blotting papers or powder  in order to remove and control excess shine on your face before the photos, a lipstick which you will definitely need to reapply and a sealer to prepare for all those celebration kisses, a little liner or eye shadow which can be refreshed after tears, and wear a waterproof mascara.

8. Choosing a wrong look. Many women choose pictures in magazine and ask the make up artist to make the same look which in most cases doesn't suit them or is too sultry for the event. It is important to match your look to the feel of the event and choose one that fits your complexion.

9. Extra shining cheeks. All brides want to have dewy cheeks on their wedding day. However, this can look greasy on photos. Instead of it, try to use a little highlighting on your cheekbones or eyes but don't apply it to the whole face.

10. Go crazy with gloss. Use the gloss for calmer events. On your Big day you want to kiss and dance a lot and if you apply too much gloss you may end up with your flying hair stuck to you, and your mouth stuck to everyone else. Choose a creamy or matte lipstick for your wedding make up.