Excellent Wedding Makeup Tips
Find a few tips that will ensure you look picture perfect! Find out everything about artists makeup, and learn useful tips and advice.
Excellent Wedding Makeup Tips

Well, you’ve got the guy, the dress, and the flowers and chosen a hairstyle, but what about your make-up? Here are a few tips that will ensure you look picture perfect when walking down the isle to say ‘I-do’!
1. Basic Skin Care
The best way to get that 'total look' is a solid regimen of skin and nail care. Speak with a beautician regarding a skin and nail care plan. Make regular facials starting two months before the wedding. And don't forget your nails. You may start having weekly manicures approximately 8 weeks before the wedding. So, kept nails are stronger and more likely not to break.
2. Choosing a make up artist
The skill of the make up artist comes with experience. Address to the artist and ask about where they trained. Consider your make up artist should know about highlighting and shading, and how lighting affects the make up and how to apply make up for photography. You should ask them to look at photos of their work, and to show you what they have done in the past.
3. Where to find a make up artist
To find artist by referral is the best way, but there is the yellow pages, Internet and bridal magazines. Also try department stores - most of the girls behind the cosmetic counters are trained in make up application as well as many beauticians.
4. What look to go with
What style ultimately depends on your personal preference, but you need to consider:
• The time of the ceremony - is it day or night? Apply more natural make up, it is suitable for daytime with more dramatic looks saved for the evening
• Is the ceremony inside or outside? Important part lighting plays in the choice of the make up application.
• How long do you need the style to last? Decide, will you need someone to touch up your make up, or will it last?
5. At the Trial
Having pictures from magazines will help your make up artist design a look for you. Also take your head bridesmaids with you to give her opinion of the make up.
Talk about:  
• What make up brands they use?
• Mention if you have any skin problems eg sensitive skin or allergies.
• Colours that you have chosen as the make up should compliment the dress and flowers.
• Warm neutral tones create a natural look which is often advisable.
• Think over your skin tones and hair colour? Choose from two colour palettes - warm or cool
• For Blond or fair skinned, cool tones of grey, blue, soft pink and lilac are ideal.
• For brunette or olive skinned, warm neutral tones of brown, taupe, burgundy & red are more suited.
Keep in mind, your make up should be a little more dramatic than your everyday make-up as you can tend to look pale and washed-out in photos if your make-up doesn't stand out.
One of the things that help make the perfect wedding is just the right wedding hairstyle. The next is a list of tips to ensure everything goes smoothly so that you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day.

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