How to Do Bridesmaid Makeup
There are lots and lots of types of bridesmaid makeup to choose from. Find general information on the different types of makeup, and how they should be used.
How to Do Bridesmaid Makeup
bridesmaidmakeup1Ideally, a bridesmaid is beautiful, although she should not upstage the bride. The girl should look like a polished version of herself, trying to stay away from any faddish color and sticking to classic makeup, if the wedding is not trend – themed and / or avant – garde one, of course. The bridesmaid’s makeup should not call attention to her, but it is to enhance her features.

In case if the bridesmaid’s gown is of rose – hued, it is quite possible to select makeup accents of the same color.

So, in order to do the bridesmaid makeup, it is necessary to begin this process with a clean and well moisturized face. A light – coverage foundation should be applied, not too much, just enough to make the skin tone even and to take care of some minor discolorations. In case of necessity some under – eye concealer and the appropriate spot camouflage product can be applied. It should also be pointed out, that you should avoid using foundation, which would be too shiny, because it does not always look well on photos. But in case if you skin is dry, it is possible to try a semi – matte formulation.

You should apply some light bronzer and some peachy – pink blush on your cheeks, and these ingredients will make the perfect combination. In addition, some slightly shimmery faint brown for your bronzer would also do the trick. You can apply it to the apples of your cheeks, as well as to any area the sun would hit: hairline, jaw line, nose, down to your décolleté, etc. After that for dimension and natural flush effect, you can lightly apply a little bit of peachy – pink blush over the bronzer. Therefore, while putting it on, focus mostly on the apples of your cheeks.

As for your brows, you should get busy and fill in all the spaces between hairs. It can be done with the help of a special brow pencil or powder. All strays, growing outside the natural brow line and over the bridge of the nose are also to be removed. In addition, you are to take care about long hairs: you can either trim them, or at least hold them in place with brow gel. There is no specific eye brows shape to look to follow, but what really matters here is that you eye brows are to be well – groomed.

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