Bridesmaid Makeup Tips
Look through the beauty make up tips and your will find useful advice which can help you to keep your fresh face during the day.
Bridesmaid Makeup Tips
bridesmaid_makeup_01The following simple makeup tips are designed with the aim of helping you to have fresh faced look and look your best being a bridesmaid. Although, the most important thing you are to do in order to be beautiful is to smile as much as possible.

Begin with a clean slate, although, when a picture is painted, it is obvious that everything begins with a clean slate. The same is with your skin. You should wash your face before beginning to apply your makeup. With the help of some mild facial scrub, exfoliate you skin gently and make it ready to take the makeup.

You can try to apply the new mineral makeup. Nowadays it becomes more and more popular, and it can make your skin glow.You should apply a shade, which is complimentary to your own skin tone, although you will have to try to apply it at least a couple of times before the wedding day, because it is necessary to take a little practice to apply it correctly.

Apply neutral colors for your makeup. Remember, that such neutral colors as rose and brown would compliment any skin tone, any eye color, just as well as any hair color. In addition, various shades of brown and rose would perfectly work together and it is quite easy to create a beautiful look with the help of them. As for other neutral colors, such as gray, taupe and / or vanilla, they are also very complimentary to any eye color.

You should play up your eyes. It is easy to play up your eyes in just a few simple steps.

1. First of all line your upper lid, just at the lash line with either a deep rose or brown eye liner or pencil. As for the bottom lash line, line 2/3 of it, beginning from the outer corner to the inner one. Keep as close to the lash line, as possible. The eye liner or eye pencil should be blended gently to softly smudge.

2. After that you should brush your eye shadow with an eye liner brush over the liner. Remember, that the color of your eye shadow should match the shade of your liner. With the help of a contour brush apply the same color to the crease of your eyes, therefore, you are to apply the contour to 2/3 of the eye, beginning from the outer corner to the inner one.

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