Makeup Tips For Brides
Look through our beauty makeup tips to find out how to be picture perfect for your Big Day. Find here some top tips for helping you create a beautiful look that you will treasure in your wedding photographs for years to come!
Makeup Tips For Brides

Want to look beautiful, glowing, soft and romantic? Remember, this moment only happens once in a lifetime.
Every bride wants to be picture-perfect for their big day, and you also want to look like yourself - but different, more dramatic, fresh... it can feel like a big task. Lots of brides think that because a wedding is such a big day, they have to apply lots of the makeup. So, you've got the perfect groom, the perfect dress, and the perfect flowers - don't overshadow that by making your face as grand as the day itself.
Here are some top tips for helping you create a beautiful look that you will treasure in your wedding photographs for years to come.

Less Is More
Ok, we've all got the idea, the biggest celebration of the year –it is your wedding. Memorize, though, that everyone wants to see you, not a radically changed woman masquerading in your wedding gown. Don’t wear much makeup, wear normally - or none at all, because you won’t try to walk down the aisle with a heavily painted face. And at all, won't seem natural, you won't be comfortable, and the pictures taken will reflect it (not to mention your memories).

  The makeup that you use should be good for flash photography, too. Stick with foundations that have a yellow undertone, as these will create a warm healthy appearance in the photographs that are taken during the wedding and reception. You should also look into a good bronzing powder to warm your skin tone. Use bronzing powder with a natural bristle brush, lightly applying color to areas of the face that the sun naturally warms. Your forehead, the high curve of your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose are the best places, but if you're naturally pale you might want to apply a very light dusting over your neck and chest for a more even tone.

Before you apply your make-up use a gel foundation primer, but be careful about the powder you use to set everything. Stay away from heavy pressed powders, unlike the light dusting of loose powder will help prevent unwanted shine (this can result in a greasy, highly reflective look in your photos), but. Consider too much powder will leave your skin looking chalky, dull and unhealthy in photos.

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