Asian Wedding Make up
Learn how to make the most of your Asian wedding make up in order to look stunning an preserve all Asian traditions.
Asian Wedding Make up

Make up is an important part of an Asian wedding. Asian wedding make up shoul look stunning but it shouldn't be overdone. You can create radiant, sophisticated Asian wedding make up with a help of a few tips.

Applying Asian Wedding Make up
First of all you should prepare your skin for the big day. A few month before  the wedding you should do monthly facials so that your skin could look best on the wedding day. If you haven't done facials before you may notice that it has become more blemished. But this is normal and it will clear up after some time. It will look much better afterwards.

The next step is to shape your eyebrows. This can be done in a salon or by yourself.  Your brows shoul be shaped properly and frame your eyes beautifully. After that you can move on to your make up.

Make up Tips
It is can be great if you hire a bridal make up artist specializing in Asian wedding makeup. Look at her portfolio carefully: the talents of the artist should coinside with your tastes. Before signing a bridal make up contract, make sure that everything in it is clear.

Appoint a trial session two months before the wedding. It is necessary for the professional artist to make sure that the Asian wedding make up won't clash with the colors in your wedding dress.

Look through a few more recommenations to assure the best Asian wedding makeup for your special day:
* Apply a good moisturizer and lip balm about 10 minutes before applying your make up to make your skin smooth and ready for the make up.

* Give the preference to a foundation or concealer with gold or yellow undertone. They will blend naturally with your skin tone.

* Try to avoid applying light reflecting make up. It can make you look puffy-eyed in photos.

* Don't use shimmery bornzers or blushes. Apply a matte color instead.

* The eye shadow should be matte and complement the colors of your bridal outfit.

* Draw a thin line using a soft black or brown liquid eyeliner to define your eyes.

* To make your eyes seem wider curl lashes. If your lashes are skimpy, consider an eyelash extension. 

* Apply a black waterproof mascara which is best for photographs.

* Your lips should be lined with a neutral color in order prevent lip color from bleeding.

* Use a long lasting lip color in neutral shade to accent your eyes and wedding dress.

Mehndi can become a great addition to your wedding make up. Also known as henna it is made from powder which is derived from plant leaves. Traditional Asian wedding make up involves fine, floral or lacey patterns of henna which brides apply on their hands and feet.

You should look several designs ahead of time before choosing designs for your Mehndi. Select those which can compliment the cut of your outfit   and appeal to you. There is also a tradition to create special symbols of the name of the groom which can be added to the design. You can be creative and have fun with your Mehndi!

There is a belief that henna that dries dark assures that the bride will be greatly loved by her mother-in-law or by her husband. Real henna will leave a reddish-brown stain however you can make it darker by adding coffee, cloves or lemon and sugar to it. Over the next two days after application, the color of the henna will darken.

If you want to have modern Mehndi that won't last beyond your wedding day you can use colored glitter gels, crystals and exotic designs. They will last only one day. It is possible to incorporate both traditional and modern designs and materials to make your Mahndi truly unique. Make the most of your Asian wedding make up and you are certain to shine.