Make-up for Valentine’s Day
It is very important to be attractive and charming on Valentine’s Day. Read here some helpful advices about successful make-up for this romantic holiday.
Make-up for Valentine’s Day
valentine_dayBeyond any doubt, Valentine’s Day is the pinkest and the most romantic holiday. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to play with hearty makeup and hairstyles that turn heads. Cast a spell on your man on the big, frilly day in these captivating makeup ideas, which will make you gorgeously more charming than other women.

Smoky eyes are no-fail for any romantic occasion but if you want a more festive look, reach for a candy-colored palette. Pay attention that the trick is to apply it in a way that calls attention to your eyes, not the makeup itself.

For a simple and clean evening look, wear a wash of color on your entire lid. It is the most basic Valentine’s Day makeup look for do-it-yourself types. A plum or platinum-blue color works well with most eye colors and skin tones. Use a large eye shadow brush to extend the color from lashline to crease, blending upward and outward. Make the finishing touch on doe eyes with caviar liquid liner and half strips of applied to the outer edges of the eyes false lashes. Light pink lips will create a flirty, playful mood. Set them with loose translucent powder to keep the color from sticking to your champagne flute.

Before you head out the door for your date - or even if you’re staying home - find something you like about yourself. It can be as simple as naturally fluttery eyelashes or full lips saturated with kiss-me color. Such little confidence exercise will help you channel a positive state of mind. And a leisurely bubble bath never hurt to channel your inner bombshell.