Temptress Make up
Get to know how to create a temptress look with the help of special make up tricks.
Temptress Make up

A temptress is a dangerously seductive woman. Lets find out how to achieve this sexy look.
To create temptress make up you will need such tools as:

temptress_makeup1. Skin corrector
2. Liquid foundation
3. Concealer
4. Face powder
5. Brow pencil
6. Black mascara
7. White frosted eye shadow
8. Rusty brown eye shadow
9. Fake eye lashes
10. Candy pink blusher
11. Liquid eye liner
12. Red lip gloss

Applying Temptress Makeup
1. With a skin corrector you need to cover all your blemishes and redness on your face.

2. Then apply concealer over the corrector and also on the area under your eyes if needed.

3. The foundation should be applied to the center of your face and after that you should spread it out evenly creating the smooth canvas.

4. Sweep the loose powder over the foundation and apply a little extra amount under your eyes so that the powder could catch the falling eye shadows and your could easily remove it later on.

5. Take your brow pencil and fill your eye brows with color.

6. When lining your eyes you should slop downwards at the outer corner. Use a liquid black eye liner for your eyes. 

7. Allow your eye liner to dry.

8. A medium brown eye shadow should be applied to the crease of the brow bone and then it should be blended well.

9. Take your frosty white eye shadow and apply it to your eye lid. Then create a thin line on the area under your eye and highlight your brow bone.

10. Then you should glue on your fake eye lashes and push down the ends of the lashes to achieve the effect of sleepy eyes.

11. Cover your bottom and top eye lashes with a black mascara.

12. Put on your blusher.

13. Contour your lips with lip liner.

14. Apply a lip gloss.

15. Put a beauty mark on your cheek.