Renaissance Woman Make up
If you are getting ready for a Renaissance Fair or Festival browse through these useful tricks and techniques which can help you apply your make up correctly and achieve the look of a Renaissance woman.
Renaissance Woman Make up

Steps for creating the look of a Renaissance woman:

1. Determine your position and style.
* If you want to look like a peasant woman you can go with no make up on your face. Peasants spent their lives in toil and pain and they had no money which could be spent even on such simple things as make up.

* However, if you are trying to be a noble woman, give the preference to light, almost white foundation. At that period it was very stylish to wear a white face.

renaissance_woman_12. Apply sunscreen under your foundation. ( It is important to let sunscreen settle for several minutes before you start applying your foundation).

3. If a white foundation doesn't look good on your skin you can try to use  a light ivory tone or even a light beige. However you should choose the tone very carefully because ivory tones may create almost orange colors on your face. Your choice should depend on your skin tone.

4. You can wear lipstick if you want to create a look of a noble woman.  The most common at that period was red lipstick. That's why you can pick up colors in that family, such as burgundy, dark red, etc. But pinks should be avoided.

5. Apply powder on the entire face.

6. Eye make up for the noble woman character: contour your eyes with a black eyeliner and apply mascara. You can also add eyeshadow but give the preference to natural tones.

7. If you are going to be a noble woman apply blush to accentuate your cheekbones.

renaissance_woman_2Make up Recommendations:
* You should determine your character and stick to it; whether you are a peasant with no make up or a noble who wear a lot of cosmetics. It should be mentioned that at that period there have been no middle class or  "half-way point".

* It is not recommended to buy the foundation from the Halloween/costume stores. These products can be harmful for your skin. Look for a good foundation in the drugstore or grocery store.

* Cream cosmetics (eyeshadow, foundation or blush) are not recommended for women with oily skin or for those who sweat easily. It is more likely to smear.

* Take with you a small tube of sunscreen to do additional applications during the party.

Important Notes
*Choose a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more (the higher SPF is the better).

* Sunscreen should be applied to all parts of the body which are uncovered.