5 Ideas for the Prom Makeup
Here are some interesting ideas and tips for creating Prom makeup. Look through these beauty make up ideas and you will find useful advice which can help you to keep your make up fresh during the day.
5 Ideas for the Prom Makeup

Although, these busy weeks before prom can be simple crazy, still, there appears to be nothing better and more pleasant than thinking about the dress, shoes, hairstyle and makeup for the coming prom. In order to make all things easier, here come five important makeup musts for this event. In case if someone would live by these coming below prom makeup tips, it is possible to guarantee that this person will not look either weird, boring or too much like her regular and everyday self for this event.

prom_makeup_ideasProm Makeup Tip #1: Pick your eyes OR your mouth

One of the greatest mistakes that women usually do while putting their makeup on, is that they try to highlight both their eyes and their mouth. That is why it is necessary to pick only one of these items and downplay the one, which is decided to be rejected.

What should be taken into consideration while picking: it is necessary to remember what people compliment the most.

Thus, in case if mouth is chosen and there is a decision to focus on the lips, then it is necessary to go bright with them. And here the most preferable lipstick colors would either be red or dark pink shadows. It is only necessary to remember, that the person should try to stay away from applying any shade of brown lipsticks, because these are considered to be the shades of out grannies. Eye makeup should be kept soft and simple if the lips are highlighted with the help of some vivid lipstick. In case if someone wishes to have the eyes played up, then it is simply necessary to go all out with eyeliner, some bright color of eye shadows, mascara and even false lashes, if needed (the ones, which are not obnoxious and outlandish). Here smoky eyes would be the best decision for the prom. The most important thing here is to make sure that these outstanding eyes are combined with light lips capped with only some light lip gloss.

Prom Makeup Tip #2: Perfect your skin tone.

There are cases, when making the skin tone more perfect happens to be much more important than applying makeup. Anyway, the thing is to make it look like there is hardly any makeup applied at all. Although, it is generally considered that there are very few women under the age of 25, who really need to have foundation applied, in case if someone suffers from acne, or if the person has uneven skin tone, these problems are necessary to be covered up with the help of a concealer and foundation.

However, in order to avoid having the pancake batter look, the foundation should only be applied on those skin areas, which are either discolored, or which have blemishes on (as a rule these are chin, forehead and cheeks areas). Anyway, no matter how much foundation is applied, it is necessary to make sure that it matches the skin tone. Another tip is to have foundation blended in well along the jaw line.

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