Ideas for the Prom Makeup
Here are some interesting ideas and tips for creating Prom makeup. Look through these beauty make up ideas and you will find useful advice which can help you to keep your make up fresh during the day.
Ideas for the Prom Makeup

When a person is not sure about picking out the right shade of foundation, it would be much advisable to get not in the nearest drugstore, but in some department store, where it is possible to try before buying.

Prom Makeup Tip #3: If in doubt, mimic a celebrity.

If someone happened to be overwhelmed with hair and makeup choices, it would be a good trick to mimic a celebrity look. In case if the makeup is going to be done at some department store counter before prom, it is possible to bring along the picture for the makeup artist to perfect.

However, one can also have the makeup done by herself, as there are bunches of magazines, in which practically every product, used in celebrity is described. Thus, there is no problem to apply the exact makeup the celeb used. And here come some of the people’s most favorite looks:

  1. Penelope Cruz’s smoky eyes. While making the smoky eyes makeup, it is necessary to remember about the important of keeping the cheek color as natural as possible, as well as about the application of a very light lipstick shade, or it there are cases, when mere lip gloss is enough.

  2. Sienna Miller’s sweet and sexy look. In order to have it done, one should keep her cheeks dewy with the help of a pink blush and have the lips plumped up by applying a colored lip gloss.

  3. Katherine Heigl’s dark – rimmed eyes. Again, while applying this type of makeup, it is necessary to remember about using some light lip gloss.

It would be good to have a picture of the favorite celebrity torn out and have the makeup look practiced before this big night comes. And on the prom, there is nobody but you, who is to know that you are the other Mary – Kate Olsen.

prom-makeup_ideasProm Makeup Tip #4: Three things to remember when taking pictures

It should be kept in mind that these prom pictures would be for years, this is why nobody should forget about the three below coming things.

  1. before you would pose, the lip liner, just as well as the lipstick should be applied with a mirror;
  2. all these oily areas, such as nose, chin and forehead, are to be powdered (maybe once again) right before the picture is taken. It would also be good to have some blotting papers reserved in the purse;
  3. find the place and stand in such a position, that you would look about ten pounds thinner.

Prom Makeup Tip #5: What to bring in your purse

It is simply a must always to have blotting papers in the purse, and it is even better than having powder applied all night, because it may possibly leave a person looking a mime – like. In addition, such items as powder, lipstick lip gloss, small bottle of hairspray and breath mints are also to be reserved in the purse (just in case).

And, finally, it is extremely necessary to keep in mind that a happy and fun attitude to everything is the biggest beauty weapon, as who would not look beautiful when happy and smiling?

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