Office Makeup
Browse through these useful steps which can help you to apply your office makeup correctly. Learn these tricks and get to know which will help in case of any occasion.
Office Makeup
office_makeup_01It is important that office makeup would always be light and as natural as possible, of course, if there is no need to scare someone of the co – workers or the boss himself. And everyone should remember to keep within the bounds of what is considered to be acceptable and good taste, while being at work.

However, on the other hand, it does not mean at all that it is possible to come to the office without having any makeup, as there is no doubt that practically any woman is always more presentable with some color and accents, rather than with a pale and plain face. And it is especially true, when there is some important meeting and / or representation ahead. The only rule here is simply to keep the tone mild and light.

Everyone should be aware of the great difference, present between a party makeup, a prom makeup and office makeup. First of all is the time of the day: office makeup is worn in the morning, while party one mostly at night time. This is why it is extremely necessary to remember that sunlight has tendency to point out any makeup defect, which on the other hand may go unnoticed at night.

So, it is necessary to keep one’s morning makeup light and subtle. In addition, it is much advisable not to apply any foundation or face cream during this time of the day, simply because it is thick enough and it will be easily noticeable under the direct sun rays. Instead of that one can focus on cleaning and toning the face in order to make the pores as minimal as possible. Then it would be good to have some moisturizer applied before putting on the office makeup.

If someone simply can not go without any foundation applied, at least it is necessary to make sure to use it sparingly and to apply it only in places, where natural light comes in, in order to be sure that it is applied evenly on the face. In case if the foundation is applied under an electric light, it is quite possible to have an uneven shade of foundation, just as well as to miss some part of the face.

Again if it is impossible to leave the lodging without having some foundation applied, one should at least try to lighten it with some liquid, as this will make it more translucent and natural looking. After that loose powder should be applied all over, and, finally, the cheeks should be accentuated with the help of a powder brush.

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