Office Makeup
Browse through these useful steps which can help you to apply your office makeup correctly. Learn these tricks and get to know which will help in case of any occasion.
Office Makeup

As for the office eye makeup, they should be highlighted, because eyes are truly considered to be the most important part of the face in business communications. However, it is very important to make sure that only appropriate shades and color tones are used. The main purpose of eyes office makeup is to make them look more expressive, and not dominating or aggressive. This is they best choice would be brown, dark – grey or even dark blue eye shadows. After the chosen shadow has been applied, one should put on an appropriate eye liner, and, finally, mascara in order to finish the look.

As for the office lip makeup, one can choose the color she likes. Bright – colored lipsticks are considered normal in the work place nowadays. However, it is necessary to remember to exfoliate the lips with the help of a wet towel to pump up lips temporarily, as well as to provide them with fullness. In case if someone wants her lipstick to stay longer, she should apply the lipstick, after that dab it with the help of a tissue paper, and finally, apply the lipstick again. This is called staining technique, and if it is applied, the lipstick is considered to last longer.

One can also make her lips look younger and fresher by pulling in the corners and rounding them and making them look full not wider. Then some lip gloss should be applied, not glitter to have a bit of light reflection and will give you lips the appearance of moisture.

And, the last step in the office makeup is matterint the T – zone with powder. One should better apply loose powder; however, it is necessary to take a compact one with in order to be able to retouch through out the day.

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